2021 International Conference on Sensing Technology and Applications(ICSTA 2021)
Prof. Chengying Yang

Prof. Chengying Yang

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Speech Title:Smartphone Based Tracking System Applied within the Classroom 


For the safe and health concern, closely in one year, a lot of activities are strictly prohibited because of COVID-19. Many schools are closed and the on-line learning provides the function of education. However, in some fields, the comparison of student grade shows the conventional lecture has a better performance. Hence, for a better education, reopening school is needed and some restriction should be followed. Especially, student attendance within the classroom should be nominal trackable. This work proposes a reliable system to manage the student attendance. The tracking system employs a smartphone with Global Positioning System (GPS) and Near Field Communication (NFC). Instructors and students can constantly connect to each other by using the smartphones to check and show student attendances automatically. Comparing with the face detection, the experimental result shows that the proposed system could reduce the time for student attendance tracking. Also, the system provides a cheap solution for the attendance management.


Cheng-Ying Yang received the M.S. degree in Electronic Engineering from Monmouth University, New Jersey, in 1991, and Ph.D. degree from the University of Toledo, Ohio, in 1999. He is a member of IEEE Satellite & Space Communication Society. Currently, he is employed as a Professor at Department of Computer Science, University of Taipei, Taiwan. He is the steering chair for International Workshop on Electronic and Information Technology. Also, he holds editorship with international Journal of Network Security and International Journal of Electronics and Information Engineering. His research interests are eLearning, performance analysis of digital communication systems, error control coding, signal processing and information security.